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Thursday, 15 August 2013


Welcome my fellow blogger's, you might have this feeling in mind that your dashboard is not showing you the actual traffic number of all visitor, well here is a solution feedjit. feedjit is the best way to monitor the number of visitors to your blog. I first came across these the first time I was searching for live traffic counter for one of my website. the truth is that it is very simple to add the Feedjit to your blog. so please kindly follow the steps below and please do note rush this tutorial to avoid any mistakes.

Steps to installing feedjit.
  • you first need to visit the site feedjit just click here to see th sign up page.
  • now fill the space provided select your colors to customize your live traffic feed, always remember to make it blend with your blog.
  • click on go to import it to you blog.
  • in case of any errors, go back to the page and click on the blogger blog tab, a drop down button will be displayed all you have to do is choose other blogs and websites.
  • a new page will be displayed and the codes will also be displayed, so copy the codes [ press ctrl+c]
  • go to your blogger and click on design or layout.
  • now go to >>add gadget>> html/javascript.
  • paste the code on the space for content {press ctrl+v}.
  • save the code without title then visit your site to see how it fits.
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Saturday, 13 April 2013

How to browse on PC using your Nokia Phones.

Hello Friends its me again and today i will teach you on how to access the internet on you PC with or without a modem. This tutorials is very simple and straight all you have to do is have any of this materials that is listed below.

Required Materials:
1.  your must have a Nokia phone Note: it must be internet enable and it must have either Bluetooth, infrared or cable connection.
2.  your should have the Nokia app ( Nokia PC Suite).
3.  and lastly your PC.

1.  switch on your Nokia Bluetooth and that of your PC. if you wanna use Bluetooth but your can use cable connection.
2.  open your installed Nokia PC Suite.
3.  among the options there is connect t 

Monday, 25 March 2013

How to install two windows in one Pc.

Dear Friends welcome again to another tutorial aspect of Myteckinfo. On today's tutorial class I will be posting on a very simple but dangerous tutorial on Pc Note: if not done well, your Pc is at the risks of crashing, so please do it with cushion. Now that you need to do here is very simple just follow the process below:
1. Partition your local disk drive i.e is your hard disk (C:).
2. Now install the First windows in the first Portion.
3. And install the second in the second Portion of the Partition Harddisk.
and there you have it your two windows successfully installed. enjoy your stay at Myteckinfo.

Friday, 15 March 2013


Its a good thing to be here again. Welcome friends to MYTECKINFO. On today's tutorial I will be posting on a very simple way to screen capture or what we now know as screen shoot. I was prompt to display this tutorials because I found out that many people today don't know how to screen capture or screen shoot on PC/COMPUTER. this method is very simple. now follow the steps below and the images to guard you.
1.  Now when you what to screen shoot/ screen capture an image from the web just press on your keyboard Ctrl+Alt+PrtSc follow the image above for guard.

2.  now open paint, microsoft word or any Photo editing Apps and press on your keyboard Ctrl+V  like in the image above and there you have it. Your  screen shoot is done. check the image below is a sample of a screen shoot i did.

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Wednesday, 13 March 2013


    Hello ladies and gentle me, welcome to the Myteckinfo where you can get information on Pc and many more.

 On today's lesson I will be posting on some common tasks that you can use to operate you system in cmd( command prompt) but first of all i will like to give you some few documentary of cmd.

Now before windows operating came about man uses what we call MS-DOS (MICROSOFT DISK OPERATING SYSTEM). and during the time when man uses MS-DOS systems you can only open a single program and there was no mouse all  you can see is the picture above. In MS-DOS system you only give commands before a system could open and I usually advice all my friends using computers to learn how to use computers with out mouse because by so doing the can access the computer more than anyone. I am very sorry for giving you this brief explanation of cmd this late but as I give out my tutorials i will keep moving very deep into cmd, please always keep in touch with us. for most people finding it difficult to access cmd just goto menu>>my computer>>local disk(C:)>>windows>>system32>>CMD.
Bellow are some usuall commands:
1.   SHUTDOWN >>its use to either shutdown, log off or even switch user account in the PC.
2.   HELP>> Provides you with a lot of option on your GUI computer.
3.   CONVERT>>> helps you convert FAT volumes system file into a NTFS.  
4.   CLS>>>> helps wide open everything on the windows command prompt.
5.   RECOVER>>> this command helps you recover readable files from a corrupt or bad drive.
6.   TASKLIST>>> this command shows you all the current programs that's runing or in process.
7.   TASKKILL>>> this helps you stop/off any runing program on the system with ease.
8.   TIME>>> this is use to set and display system.
9.   VER>>> this is use to indicate the type of windows you are using either winn 8, vista etc.
10.    VOL>> with this command you can easily view your PC serial number and disk volume label.
11. SYSTEMINFO>>> with this command you can get all the information in USER account.
12. WMIC CSPRODUCT GET NAME>>> this also serves the same purpose with the previous command but their difference is that in this command it displays everything from the root.
We hope this satisfy you. comments are highly recommended here please drop yours before you depart, THANK YOU.  this post is in Reference to MRS. ZAKKA Fedpolybauchi computer science department my class adviser.  

Monday, 11 March 2013

How to Shutdown PC/Computers Using Command Prompt(CMD)

    Welcome once again Friends. Today i wanna teach you how to uses command prompt(CMD) to shutdown your Pc.

1.    Know thye name of your computer i.e is the name alocated to your pc not the name of your PC company. To get the name of your PC just open command prompt(cmd) and type this command "SYSTEMINFO" and click enter thats all.
2.    not that your have Known the name of your PC. type is command "shutdown -i" after that a new window will appear,.
3.    Now click on add and add the name of your computer.
4.    Then select what you will like your command to do either shutdown/restart or even annotate unexpected shutdown.
5.    Now place your comment and then click on ok to shutdown.
    In our next section i will try to see how to do that to other computers connected to your's. Please kindly drop your comments and please share us on your facebook page and follow us.

Friday, 8 March 2013

How to Configure your Phone.( Configuration Codes for Phones).

Welcome back Friends. now i am about to teach you on how to configure your phone browser.
Follow the steps below:
for etisalat.
1. APN: Etisalat internet
2. Homepage: www.google.com.
3. Username: Blank
4. Password: Blank
5.  Proxy port: 8080 or 80
6.  Proxy address:
7. Account name: Etisalat
and thats all you have to do.
For Airtel.
1. APN: Airtel internet
2. Username: wap
3. Password: wap
4. Account name: Airtel ng
For Mtn
1. APN: wap.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
2. Username: web
3. Password: web
4. Proxy port: 8080 or 80.
5. Proxy address:
6.  Account name: MTN NIGERIA
7. homepage: www.mtnonline.con.ng